Extolling the Power of the Public Trust

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Extolling the Power of the Public Trust

FLOW applies tools drawn from science, art, and public trust law to protect the Great Lakes and their tributaries, and the public’s right to use these wondrous waters.

  We educate and empower citizens and communities to wield the power of the public trust doctrine to defend the public ownership of water against privatization schemes.

  We leverage science and law to assert  that public trustees must exercise their  legal duty to protect the public’s right to fish, swim, navigate, and recreate in the Great Lakes from threats like aging underwater oil pipelines.

  We research and craft solutions to complex Great Lakes issues and use fact sheets, video, presentations, and events to share facts and new ideas.    

  We envision a future when protection of the Great Lakes and the public’s right to use and enjoy them drives key public decisions and investments related to our food, energy, and climate security.