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Video: Jim Olson, Maude Barlow on Public Trust and the Commons at the Rochester, NY Sierra Club 15th Annual Forum

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FLOW President and Chair Jim Olson joins international water advocate Maude Barlow at the Rochester, NY Sierra Club’s 15th Annual Environmental Forum on March 25, 2013. To watch the video in full, click here.

July 7 – Water as Commons: Saving the Great Lakes in the 21st Century

FLOW President and Chair, Jim Olson, will speak about the problems facing our Great Lakes Basin – climate change, extreme water levels, dead zones, nuclear and sands oil shipments, to name a few – at 10:30 am on Sunday, July 7 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Center Road in Traverse City. MAP

His presentation will address the threats to our waters within the framework of our larger ecological challenges – including energy and food.   The best way to address these threats, he says, is to see water and related issues as a commons and to apply public trust principles to come up with solutions in this century.